Applications for the use of the septic tank:

Soak-Away System:
Solids are digested in the first compartment and then liquid flows into the second compartment and soaks away into the soak-pit.

Pump System:
Is when the divider wall that slides into the tank is removed.

Long Drop System:
Tank put on border of 4 plots to service all plots, with the option to link water later and use same applications as the three options above. 

Small Bore System:
Is the same method as the Soak-Away System.  The liquid runs off into small bore sewer network.

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Soak-Away, Pump and Long Drop Systems can all be upgraded to a Small Bore Sewerage System.

The Advantage of a Small Bore System:

  • Most of the solids are digested in the tank, which relieves the pressure on the sewer works.
  • Small Bore pipe network (because only the liquids are moved).
  • Large cost saving.
  • Extend sewer network without increasing sewer works.

The Advantage of the Concrete Tank:

  • Due to weight and design of the tank it will not float in heavy rains and high water tables.
  • The tank can be placed in light traffic loads, e.g. in a drive way.
  • The tank cannot be damaged by rodents, e.g. moles.
  • Installation is quick.